Who ?

My name is Stéphane Gay.


I hold a diploma from french "grande école" SUPELEC and a Computer Sciences master degree (DEA). During the past century, I have aquired a solid experience of enterprise IT, functional analysis and large-scale international projects management, working at Hewlett-Packard IT services.

In 2001, I have joined the "new technologies" world, with architecture, consulting and technical lead missions for Vivendi Net group websites, before taking charge of all technical aspects of french press group Express-Expansion Internet activities.

The experience of some difficult projets, primarily suffering from a lack of interface between complex functional needs and highly « technical » teams, led me to create pilotine in 2005.


Through this structure, I help companies avoid pitfalls in crucial times, in various fields of activity such as press and editing, large public works companies, small Internet companies, etc.


I have also built a technical expertise of Microsoft .NET technologies, and the Open Source Umbraco CMS project, to which I am a contributor.

Little by little, I have built an experience in Open Source projects management, and in projects lifecycles: evolutions, technical debt and « legacy » management, refactoring, etc.

Occasionally, I share my thoughts on my blog.


Passionate about new technologies, I discretely contribute to various Open Source projects. When not at work, I spend time with his wife and four children, or on anything that has one or more hulls and sails with the wind.

I speak english fluently.